Three Social Media Platforms to Expand Your Brand into in 2012

Facebook and Twitter remain the big men on the social media campus, but other microblogging platforms offer more specialized approaches to interacting with your audience. While not every website is relevant to your brand, being aware of the options you have will help you choose the platforms most helpful to your business. Here are three websites to consider when furthering your brand’s social media reach:

1. Pinterest

Pinterest users ‘pin’ their favorite images from the web onto personalized boards that other users can follow, search and repin. With its own button you can install on your web browser’s toolbar, Pinterest allows users to easily bookmark their favorite images. Each image clicks through to its original webpage, so your business’s website gets hits every time someone wants to learn more.

2. Instagram

While not an official website, Instagram is a popular app for iPhones and iPads. Users upload pictures to their account, or take pictures directly from the app, and then can put it through a number of different filters. By August 2011, over 150 million photos had been shared through Instagram. Users can follow your brand’s Instagram account for updates, and pictures are easily embedded in Facebook and Twitter posts.
3. Formspring allows users to create their own profile pages, and unique URLs, where their audience can ask them questions. Your brand’s Formspring page could become a digital customer service of sorts, or have a more personal flair depending on the types of questions you choose to answer. Users don’t have to register in order to ask questions, and your brand can interact with other members by asking them questions, smiling at their answers and following their pages.

In 2012, strengthen your brand’s social media presence by researching the newest web and blogging trends. Not every one will be right for your business, but each offers its own niche advantages. Who knows, one of these platforms could be the next Facebook!
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