Paid Advertising on Social Media

Social media has long been a platform for free or virtually free advertising but it’s changing and paying for advertising on social media sites is becoming essential for businesses. As more companies seek to advertise on social media, advertising space is becoming more competitive making it necessary for social media sites to sell rights to advertise on certain pages. While hosting your own page for free and depending on the […]

Videos & Social Media: Why you should use them

Social media has long been a real powerhouse when it comes to marketing and it is constantly changing and adapting to our ever changing society. In a world where people are always on the go, video is the media of the future. Companies are opting to include video content in their social media campaigns which is truly exciting. Though video is an all encompassing word, there are several varieties and […]

Smart Social Media

Social media has long been used to attract users as an alternative to reading lengthy articles, sifting through a lot of facts, and it’ a great way to get attention without requiring too much attention from your viewers. A new trend in social media marketing is emerging however. Many advertisers are using social media to illicit real deep thought. They’re using content as a means to get their viewers to […]

Using Video as a Marketing Tool

Social media has long been a major marketing tool for all industries. It is constantly changing and evolving to better suit the needs of those marketers that use it. Social media advertising and marketing has changed the use of visual and video as marketing tools. Though sites like Facebook have always allowed you to use videos to help draw in customers, increasing sites are opting to add video features, with […]

Video Ads on Pinterest  

Social media has long been a vehicle for advertising and now a popular social media site, Pinterest, is set to start allowing video ads. What does this mean for advertisers? This is a big leap as the platform has previously only allowed users to post videos. Pinterest has been up to this point an all photo sharing platform with little in the way of video content. Social media on platforms […]

Social Media as Hybrid Marketing

Technology is something that everyone interacts with daily. Some may think social media is at most, an independent advertising and marketing strategy that is best left independent. But don’t be fooled, social media has the ability and potential to partner with the marketing strategy your company already has in place. Why is social media so useful when it comes to making paired or hybrid marketing programs? Social media lends itself […]

What is Personal Branding, and Why is it important?

When it comes to social media there are very few things that are more productive and helpful than personal branding. For companies that are using social media as a means of advertising and marketing, personal branding can make a difference and help expand your social media. Personal branding, put quite simply, is a means of creating an image, an ideal, and a persona of the business in question. Personal branding […]

Social Media Trends for 2016

Social media has been a powerful tool since its inception and 2016 is promising to be an even bigger year for those that use social media for advertising. It is crucial to understand social media and use it to your businesses advantage. New trends for 2016 are going to prove to be even more popular than ever before. With the new year, one will see video ads being used more […]

Social Media & a Small Team

Social media is a valuable tool many businesses are incorporating into their everyday marketing strategy. That being said, how can a company do this with a smaller team, even a one-person team? By following these tips, your team, whatever the size, will be on their way to creating a successful social media campaign for your business. Automation is your friend if your team is not able to devote large amounts […]

Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media is a powerful tool and with the right social media tips you can get the most from your social media advertising. There are a few guidelines to follow for social media that will create an impact for your business. Most importantly, post often. Keep in mind though you can over post which will disengage your audience. The more your viewers read the better chance your business will have […]