What Blogging Can do For Small Business Owners

While almost all small businesses have company websites, many do not host their own blogs. Creating accounts on popular social media sites is key to expanding your brand’s web presence and reaching consumers, but blogging has its own advantages for small business owners.

Blogs have no character or word limit
Many social networking sites cap the lengths of posts, like Twitter’s 140-character maximum, or their layouts don’t lend themselves well to long posts, like Google+. Blogs are the opposite. With blogging, your content can be as long as you wish and you can put all or part of the post under a “cut,” or a link that clicks through to the entire post. This format allows you space to write about a subject in greater detail, such as a product your business offers, the benefits of choosing our company over others, or the types of service you provide.

Not all Internet users are social media users
Social media is still a relatively new concept. It might seem like everyone with a computer is on Facebook, but many people don’t understand or don’t feel the need to be on social networking sites. As a small business owner, you may not feel comfortable enough with social networking to utilize social media marketing, so blogging is a great stepping stone to learning more about social media. No matter what your target audience is, even the least Internet-savvy individual will be able to type in your web address and find your blog.

Blogs don’t need to be updated constantly
It’s not unusual for large companies to update their Twitter accounts 4, 5, 6 times a day. This calls for a lot of daily attention that small business owners may not be able to give. Blogs, on the other hand, can go for much longer than social media accounts without being updated because blogging content is often more in-depth and lengthier.

Blogging brings exposure to your brand, not to social networking sites
Social media marketing is an essential tool in this Digital Age, but sending users to Facebook or Twitter to receive updates from your company brings more traffic to those sites than to your own. Small business owners who host blogs on their sites drive traffic directly to their own website because blogs play a lead role in improving a website’s rank in natural search engine results. Blogs that utilize keywords and relevant content increase a site’s search engine optimization (SEO) value to bring new customers and exposure to your brand.

Having a strong web presence is extremely important for small business owners, but that doesn’t only mean utilizing social networking websites. Blogging is an inexpensive, user-friendly way for brands to interact with their target audience.

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