Facebook Introduces Graph Search

Are you one of the many who’s resolved to get in shape in 2013? Do you need a buddy to help keep you motivated? Believe it or not, Facebook can help. With its new feature Graph Search (now in Beta), Facebook can help you navigate the world’s biggest social network like never before.

What is it?

Graph Search is Facebook’s search engine that allows easier discovery of content within Facebook. As opposed to a web search, Graph Search can help users find things or people more relevant to them. For example, narrow down your list of friends by searching “Friends who like running and live in Chicago, IL” to find out who may be your next running partner. Never before have you been able to perform such a search on Facebook. Now, you can find people, places, pages and photos by common factor. Want to see all of the photos you’ve liked since creating your account? With Graph Search, it’s only a click away. And since your Facebook is unique, your search results are personalized and unique from others’ results.

What does it mean for your page?

With the implementation of Graph Search, your business’s page will show up in more search results and reach friends of fans. Currently, your page will only appear in results where someone’s keyword is a close match to your page name. With Graph Search, your page will appear when a fan’s friend searches “Local restaurants my friends like,” making that “like” much more powerful than before.

This new feature allows your page to be found in new ways: geographically (e.g. “Fitness centers in San Antonio, TX”) and by recommendation (e.g. “Hair salons where my friends have checked in”). It also enhances the look of your page as it shows up in search results. Whereas current profile photo thumbnails are sized at 180×180 pixels on your Timeline, your page will show up with a higher photo resolution. However, all these changes won’t help your business get found if you don’t take steps to get noticed.

How can you help your page get found?

The best thing you can do is optimize your page. This means ensuring it’s as complete as possible. This includes having a name, vanity URL (http://www.facebook.com/your-page-name) and comprehensive “About” section. Checking that your address is listed correctly, posting your hours of business and sharing a company description are all things that will boost your page’s SEO value. Don’t forget about your profile photo; dimensions of 620×620 pixels are recommended. Last, but not least, make sure you’re engaging with fans. You worked hard to get them to “like” you, and you’ll have to put in some effort to keep them as fans.

Once, our world was rocked by the introduction of Timeline. Soon, Graph Search will revolutionize the way a billion people explore Facebook. As a business owner, make sure you’re familiar with Graph Search and how it will benefit you and bring you new customers.

Learn more at http://ww.facebook.com/graphsearch.

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