Move from Content to Conversation

Move from Content to Conversation

So you’ve got your content calendar all set, and you’ve scheduled everything. But is that Social Media Conversationthe end of your social media to-dos? If only it were that easy. It’s also important to keep up with your interactions (comments, replies, mentions) in real time.

Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

Social media is an excellent way to reach your customers. They’re the most important people to your business, after all. If you thank patrons for visiting your shop, why not thank them again on Facebook or Twitter? This reinforces brand loyalty and helps maintain a positive relationship with existing customers.

Don’t forget to add a personal touch when responding to comments or mentions. Refer to them by name or include specific details if you remember them. This encourages other users to leave positive reviews. Since people are more likely to report bad experiences than good ones, make sure you’re doing what you can to encourage positive comments.

Damage Control 

What should you do when you do get negative comments? The main thing is to make sure you address any complaints. Ignoring negative reviews can make it seem like you don’t care about your customers. Show that you do care by keeping the dialogue open and work to solve the problem. Let them know that you value their feedback and use the situation as an opportunity to offer them something free as a peace offering to help support your genuine concern. That way, they’re inclined to come back and reevaluate their recommendation.

Brand Management 

Scheduling tools are highly convenient for a busy business owner, but don’t rely on them completely. People can tell when you’re automating everything, so show them that you’re human by responding to comments as they come in. Monitoring your notifications and talking to your customers has a great humanizing effect on a social media account. It’s nice to get a sense of instant gratification when you know that a person is there responding to you. Another important point in reputation management is removing spam in a timely manner, just as you would tend to a garden with weeds. Leaving spam on your page can leave the impression that it’s been abandoned, which it most certainly is not.

These tips will help forge a stronger relationship between you and your fans, encourage engagement and build a community around your brand. Dedicating a few minutes a day to this task will make a big difference with your customers- just wait and see!

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