How To Leverage LinkedIn Marketing For Your Company’s Success

LinkedIn as a marketing tool is an important asset for any company’s social media because it targets professionals and companies.  The ability to engage in meaningful conversation and thus build relationships with clients makes LinkedIn marketing a very attractive platform.  Here are the basics and how your company can utilize the platform for greater success.

When a company decides to use LinkedIn for marketing, the first step is to complete a company profile.   After a Company Profile is created, the company must choose an account type.  Depending upon the company’s structure, it may be premium for business, or premium for recruiters and employers.

Premium for Business offers four levels: Free, Business, Business Plus, Executive.

Premium for Recruiters and Employers offers four levels: Free, Talent Basic, Talent Finder, Talent Pro.

LinkedIn has over 100 million users, making it an exceptional place to woo new clients and fresh talent.

LinkedIn allows companies to feature its offerings in a Products/Services tab.  Companies can enter in descriptions, highlights, pictures, videos and even assign points of contact within the company to answer any customer questions regarding products and services.  Companies also have the ability to start LinkedIn groups and discussions to engage users, answer user questions, and build a community.

For organizations with open positions, the Company Page is a great place to increase exposure of available jobs to interested candidates and expand the talent pool.  There are currently no free options to post jobs on LinkedIn.  The costs associated with posting job positions is as follows:

1 Job Pack (30 day posting) = $195.00
5 Job Packs = $775.00
10 Job Packs = $1,250.00

When a company opts into posting jobs on the Career Page, upgrades to the Silver and Gold Career Page become available.  These upgrades will allow ‘Audience Targeting’ where jobs can be targeted to each unique viewer, as well as enable rich content and extra features on the Career Page.  Upgrading to Gold will give the company the ability to create up to 5 different versions of the Career Page that will be displayed based on different variables, such as location, job title, function, industry, and more.

These options should be carefully considered for any company hoping to maximize LinkedIn social media management and engaging in marketing with LinkedIn.  It’s wise to be sure your employees know how to use LinkedIn and your organization’s LinkedIn team stays abreast of the emerging changes as these offerings may change.

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