Three Effective Ways to Market Your Brand on LinkedIn

Linkedin-MarketingLinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional online network of 187 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. So what can you do to get the most out of this medium?


Engage Followers with Status Updates
Just like Facebook, Twitter and most other social media channels, LinkedIn features a news feed with status updates. This is a great place to casually share news and information with your followers. News can include news coverage of your company, announcements of upcoming product launches and open employment listings. Use status updates to share unique content, which can include company whitepapers, blog articles, press releases and ebooks. Also, don’t be afraid to show a little personality when posting. Statuses are a great way to share search engine optimized updates with a business-minded community. If you’re using the right keywords, your updates will appear in Google search results and direct traffic to your LinkedIn account.

Showcase Your Brand and Services
Make the most of your company page. Though you can’t add wallpaper or import any themes, there are other ways to customize your company page and make it look alive. In addition to having regular status updates, add your company’s offerings on the Products and Services pages. Here, you have the ability to add images (100×80 pixels is optimal) and descriptions. Even better, LinkedIn users have the ability to publicly recommend these services. Just as user reviews have the ability to influence online shopping decisions, LinkedIn testimonials are powerful. Because LinkedIn is a community of professionals, these recommendations are viewed as trusted and highly credible.

Build Relationships
Build your following by leveraging existing communities. Reach out to existing vendors, partners and clients (for whom your updates are especially relevant) and ask them to follow your company page. Have employees invite family and friends to follow your page as well. Once your page has some more substance to it, seek out relevant groups and join them. Then, build relationships with the other users in the group by posting helpful comments and questions. By doing this, you demonstrate your value to the group and build trust. When you establish your company presence, you also establish yourself as an authority and resource from where others may draw knowledge and news. What’s more, titles of discussions within LinkedIn groups are indexed in Google search results, adding SEO value to what you post.

These tips will help strengthen your company’s presence within LinkedIn’s professional community. When brainstorming status updates, keep in mind that members are using LinkedIn for news, information and opportunities. Keeping up with your company page may take a little maintenance, but LinkedIn is a channel that has the potential to yield great results.

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