Personal Boundaries with Social Media

Social media is a tool that can be incredibly useful but can also get a company into trouble if it’s not used properly. But, there are ways to use social media to collect information without overstepping someone’s personal boundaries.

It is crucial that all companies using social media know what information should be used and what information is off limits. This helps them set parameters when it comes to searching for new customers that may be found on social media. One of the first mistakes companies make when using social media as a marketing tool is taking every bit of information they can get. Though any information can be useful, there are some pieces that are not useful and can even be considered a violation of privacy.

Things like age, gender and marital status are all incredibly useful and are common knowledge in most cases and therefore are safe to collect and help businesssocial-media-policyes find potential new customers. It is unwise to use any sort of social media marketing that uses photos as a means of matching potential users with advertisements. There are thousands of people that post whatever they want even if it does not have much to do with what they are doing or who they are. This means that those campaigns that use image matching may lead to an invasion of privacy and may not be all that useful as well.

Another thing to avoid in terms of personal privacy is any sort of information that is written in personal posts. If someone on social media uses a link or a photo that is from another source, it can easily be used to gain more clients. However, if a post is something that comes from the mind of the poster, it is their intellectual property and therefore should be left alone.

A good way to make sure that the information you are collecting is useful and safe is to hire a professional company that knows the social media realm. Any company that knows how to properly market and use social media is going to be able to set parameters that harvest the right information that is both public property and that is going to help get the right clients and the right marketing overall. Hiring a professional company can ensure that your business with be safeguarded and any information collected is being used legally and efficiently to get the most return without any real risk.



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