How to Increase Engagement Using Pinterest for Business

In 2012, Pinterest exploded on the social media scene as a way to let users collect and organize all of their favorite things. So how can you use Pinterest to make your brand or product one of those favorite things? Use these tips to help your business reach Pinterest’s 20 million pinners and make an impression.

Make Sure It’s Optimized

Pinterest makes it really convenient to integrate your account with other social media channels. They provide coding for buttons and widgets so you can easily share your pins with others. For example, you can add a “Follow me on Pinterest” button to your website to direct users to your boards. Additionally, you have the ability to sync Pinterest to Facbook or Twitter. You might not want to sync it with your Facebook account, as it publishes all of your pins on your timeline. Pinning a lot of things at a time can flood others’ news feeds, which can lead to them unsubscribing from your updates or worse, unliking your page. Twitter is a less intense option for sharing pins because you can select which you want to post.

Keep things simple so users can find your pins. When you create a new board, make sure you choose a category. Rather than someone discovering your pins by keywords in your descriptions, your pins can then be found when browsing by category. You also want to make it easy for users to pin your content to their boards. Pinterest provides a “Pin It” button for your website. This invites visitors to pin content from your website onto their boards. If someone likes something on your website, make the process simple for them to pin it and share it with others.

Be Human

Nobody wants to be “sold,” so don’t pin like a salesman—try to sound like a person! Opt for shorter descriptions rather than longer ones. People can tell when you’re not authentic, so it’s in your best interest to write descriptions that don’t sound like ads. Along the same lines, don’t pin things exclusively from your catalog or brand. If you’re going to sell anything on Pinterest, sell the values of your business and express who you are as a company.

Get Followers Involved

Pinterest allows you to invite others to add pins to your boards. This is a fun way to include followers, forge relationships with your fans and build loyalty. A common use of this feature is to hold a contest where people enter by adding pins to your board. By doing this, you’re inviting engagement while simultaneously getting a feel for what kind of followers/customers you have.

Many businesses are seeing the value in using Pinterest to reach their audience and build up their brand. It allows you to help your company get discovered in a new way. Sign up for Pinterest today!

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