Should Your Business Invest Money in Social Media Advertising?

It’s common knowledge among businesses and marketers that social media is a successful marketing tool. Often times social media assists with the growth of a business Depositphotos_23269584_sand helps create exposure. A business that doesn’t utilize social media can become stagnant and miss out on opportunities to attract new customers. That being said, should a company invest money into social media advertising or are free tools enough to get noticed on social media.

Free social media advertising has the ability to generate awareness for a business and reach customers but the reach capacity is limited. Whereas paid advertising on social media goes beyond your circle of social followers and has a much greater reach. Businesses that are starting up or are new to social media and online marketing should take advantage of free social media advertising to get their foot in the door. But at some point a business will want to include paid social media advertising into your business marketing plan to generate more reach for your social media campaigns.

For businesses seeking a bit more for their time and effort, paid advertising paired with free methods can pack a huge punch. Companies that have the capitol to invest in paid social media advertising like banner ads, paid posts and more can certainly benefit from this type of advertising.  Combining the two will give your social media advertising a powerful start. Businesses that want to use social media advertising to its full potential are also going to want to opt for paid methods directly.

Keep in mind the results for a free social media ad vs a paid ad can be the same but the time and effort put into free social media advertising vs paid social media advertising greatly differs. The time and effort to get the reach on a paid ad is msocial-mediainimal, you’re paying for the reach. Whereas the free ad takes a lot more time and resources to produce the same result as you would with a paid ad. This does not mean that you have to shut down your social media profile and stick with paid ads only, it just means that it pays to be smart and merge the two so that you can get double the advertising without having to spend twice as much money.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool.  When used properly it can have a tremendous impact for your customers and potential customers. Whether you are a small business or large business, social media should be integrated into your marketing strategies.

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