Social Media & a Small Team

Social media is a valuable tool many businesses are incorporating into their everyday marketing strategy. That being said, how can a company do this with a smaller team, even a one-person team? By following these tips, your team, whatever the size, will be on their way to creating a successful social media campaign for your business.

Automation is your friend if your team is not able to devote large amounts of time to social media projects. Find a formula that works for all your posts and social media presence. Use that formula when creating social media posts. With sites like Twitter you can save writers, hashtags, and more to help streamline and automate your system.

Auto-Publishing will save your team time and keep your company visible and active on social media. You can publish to one platform manually and set it up to publish to other social media platforms. So with one post you can publish to multiple social platforms. By using auto-publishing you can post on all social platforms and save your team time which allows them to work on future content.

Another trick is to create multiple posts from one content piece. A team can pull the headline from one content piece to create different posts, or pull an excerpt from the article used for the content, or pose a question dealing with content topic, or add a statistic that will catch the attention of your readers. These tactics encourage the focus of your audience to one content piece but the information has the potential for several posts.

Schedule your promotions in bulk. Prepare and schedule your promotion to get the content out there quickly. Spend a few extra minutes to set up a promotion that will be ongoing for months. This gives you additional time to work on other content posts while engaging your current audience and attracting new viewers.

Social-Media-GraphicReview and Repost Top Ranking Material. If an article your team posting did very well, wait a few weeks and post it again, re-word the content to accompany the article. Reposting has the potential to reach an entirely new audience the second time around.  Don’t be afraid to use content more than once. It will attract new viewers and your current audience to your business site.


Incorporating these tools into your marketing plan and your businesses social media strategy will produce results, reach a new audience and new customers. The best part, it can be done with a team of one or ten.

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