Social Media as a Marketing Tool

There are a lot of different ways that businesses can use social media to their advantage and being educated about these trends is the best way to use them effectively. Many businesses are now working to build Social Media not only into their marketing plans but overall business plans.

Recent research has uncovered 7 trends in social media marketing that are currently beingpr-google-plusused and showing fantastic progress. The number one trend that more and more people are seeing is that the exposure benefit is up and that 92% of marketers say that their presence and efforts with social media have significantly increased their presence and exposure. The next notable trend is the rise of visual assets. The use of visual assets like info graphics and memes can make a large difference in how people perceive and see your business as a whole.

The biggest area of interest that saw a significant increase was blogging. More people than ever are using blogs to relate information about their company, get their name out there and inform people about them. This will ultimately increase the overall visibility of their company. Blogging can be a powerful tool, if you know how to properly use it.

Google+ has also gained interest and currently tops the marketers’ list. An overwhelming 65% of marketers want to know more about Google+ and that many more are working to learn more and even use it to their distinct advantage.

Facebook advertising still holds the top spot in advertising. This however is no real surprise due to the billons of users daily on Facebook. This is the place that most advertisers start when they want to use social media advertising. Facebook advertising not only reaches an astonishingly large number of people, it is also very effective and relatively cheap way to advertise.

Lastly, social media ROI is still somewhat of a mystery. Though there has to be some way to quantify the amount of return on investment that you get from using social media as an advertising tool, there are no definite programs or algorithms to do so. In most cases, people have to suppose just how much the social media advertising aspect of their marketing arm really brings back in terms of profit.

Social media is something that most people partake in even if they do nopr-istock-25591983smallt specifically love it. That being said, not every one reads the newspaper and even less people actually seek out advertisements on what they might like or use. It is far easier and more effective to use social media and use it to your advantage. Though social media may not be your first choice, it should certainly be something you consider.

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