Social Media: The Power of the Post

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool. There is one particular aspect of social media that makes it appealing, useful and far reaching, the post. On sites like Facebook and Twitter, users are able to post about topics they feel are relevant to their own lives, to their likes and to what they are feeling when they create their posts.

In the case of a business, be it small or large, the post has far reaching possibilities when propesocial-media-signsrly harnessed. Posts to social media can help companies grow and expand further than they ever thought possible. Let’s first dissect a post. The first part of any good post is a hook, this is generally some blanket statement meant to draw in the reader and get their attention. The second part of a good post is the substance that drives the thought and makes the difference. This is the part of a post that any business should spend the most time on. The last part of a good post is the send off; that little bit of yourself that you leave with the reader for them to revisit from time to time. In essence, a good post is a hook, the body, and a unique send off that keeps readers coming back. If a business can harness this formula, they have the post mastered and the sky is the limit.

Looking now at how to formulate the body of a good post. There are a few different things that a company or business can do with the body of any post. First off, they can introduce what they are selling, what they are doing, or their general mission statement. This allows those that see the post to learn a bit more about what the company does and is. Next, the body of the post allows businesses to go in depth and target specific areas and groups. This means that a post can target a specified group of people for maximum effect. Lastly, the body of a post can pose a question or a problem that sends the reader in search of the company at hand. With a good post body, anyone can bring in traffic and get more customers.POST

Social media as a general rule should not be the only form of advertising for a company but it is certainly a smart move. Social media offers an easy to use and highly relatable method of communicating with the people that you are selling to or working for meaning that with a few simple steps, anyone can get in touch with their client base. Though the world has become quite impersonal, those personal touches like posting to social media sites to get to know customers is a real help and can grow a business greatly.

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