The Ever Changing Marketing Landscape & Social Media

There are now more social media sites than ever before and many are fighting daily to keep up with the current marketing trends. It is important that any venture truly understands how social media is catering itself to the ever-changing market and how it can work now for more companies than ever before.

For starters, companies like Facebook are now publicly owned which means anyone and everyone, for a price, can own a piece of this social media giant. Having gone public on the stock market also makes them a good investment for the advertiser. A company can have a piece of the site in terms of advertising and Marketing business salesthey can invest in the stocks for these social media companies.

Advertisers and most social media sites are now working together on friendlier terms. As the need for advertising space grew on social media so did the format of social media sites. Each new upgrade and app had to make room for advertisers. Now it’s simple and easy to incorporate ads on your site. Gone are the days of clunky social media sites. Today everything fits nicely together.

Social media sites have had to make changes to keep up with advertising. Ads are now targeted, effective and user specific. An ad on Google or Bing will tailor towards a news feed of a particular individual. The Internet and sites are intertwined more than before and sites use one another to further their goals and objectives.

web            Mobile devices have created a unique niche in the market that has forced social media sites and advertisers to adjust how they do things. The accessibility of mobile devices allows advertisers to reach clients anywhere. Gone are the days of connecting only on a desktop or a laptop computer.

Social media is certainly striving, and succeeding, to keep up with the new marketing trends. With a constantly changing platform, a company needs to always be aware of the changes for their sites as well as staying current with marketing trends and how that affects their advertising on these sites.

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