Four Benefits of Utilizing Tumblr for Your Business’ Social Media Marketing

With nearly 40 million blogs, Tumblr is fast becoming a top microblogging platform that your brand may benefit from. Not only does the website receive over 13 billion views per month, but it is also user-friendly. Here are our four favorite  Tumblr features:

1. Tumblr lets you know when accounts you follow last posted and makes the statistics easy to find. On your “Following” page, Tumblr lists all of the accounts you follow and the last time they updated. Better yet, beside this information is an “Unfollow” button that allows you to easily remove inactive accounts from your follow list.

2. Tumblr allows you to schedule posts. Instead of relying on third-party posting, Tumblr gives you the option to publish immediately or at a later time. You can pick a specific date and time to have the post go live, or you can add it to your queue.  The queue allows you to write numerous posts to be published at regularly spaced intervals by Tumblr.

3. Tumblr offers the option to create private posts. A critical part of expanding your brand to a new social media platform is learning how it works. Though Tumblr prides itself on its user-friendly interface, it takes practice to perfect post-formatting. You can preview how the post will look before you publish or you can make the post private. This allows you to view the post with all it’s formatting for future posting without others viewing it.

4. Tumblr posts pictures in their actual size. Twitter doesn’t allow you to post pictures, only links to the images. Facebook posts resize photos to thumbnails and turn them into links as well. Tumblr, on the other hand, allows you to post pictures as large, or as small, as you want. This negates the need for the viewer to have to click to see the actual picture, which increases their visibility and ability to engage the user.

Tumblr allows you to create posts, like other users’ posts, and follow other blogs much like many blogging services. Tumblr, however, stands out with its user-centric interface!  Try Tumblr for your company’s blog for ease of use and efficiency!

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