Video Ads on Pinterest  

Social media has long been a vehicle for advertising and now a popular social media site, Pinterest, is set to start allowing video ads. What does this mean for advertisers? This is a big leap as the platform has previously only allowed users to post videos.

pinterest-vs-twitterPinterest has been up to this point an all photo sharing platform with little in the way of video content. Social media on platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become a main focus of many companies in terms of creating content and advertisements that connect to the people. This new development of ads on Pinterest is a step in the right direction toward an even bigger presence of advertisers on social media.

Advertisements on Pinterest have a lot of potential. With over 100 million hours of video content being watched on other social media platforms like Facebook each day, video ads on a dynamic platform like Pinterest have the potential to bring in new customers and sales.

Until recently, Pinterest was not the largest platform and many advertisers did not advertise on it. Social media has the ability to connect businesses to their customer base and video ads on Pinterest have the ability to do even more. The new advertisements are set to be auto play videos that start to play when the user stops scrolling over them. The video length is still being determined. Though these ads are not ready to implement, they are currently bePinterest-corking discussed and would offer an opportunity for those on Pinterest to take part in advertisements through sponsored ads.

No matter where these video ads end up going, the fact that they are being made and that they are being added to the site is truly exciting and shows that all social media has the ability to be a vehicle for advertising and great marketing.

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