How Your Business Can Use Picture and Video Sharing Effectively

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? More and more businesses are recognizing the value in using picture and video sharing on their websites and in connection with their social media accounts. Both of these formats allow for creative expression and communication far beyond what textual content can do. But how can companies harness these channels successfully?

How To Incorporate Picture and Video Sharing

Use this media channel to evoke emotions and stir up reactions from your customers and the market in general. Do you have a Facebook Page or a Twitter account? Those outlets are ideal for posting a link that will direct browsers to a video on YouTube or an image on Flickr. Fast and effortless, putting these images at the fingertips of buyers is simple.

This channel works seamlessly with your website as well, where videos and images can be posted and shared around the clock. In certain cases these videos can load up from the initial click through, but be aware that browsers within a certain market will shy away from that type of set up. Having video links in the sidebar (noticeably marked) is an easy solution to that problem.

Videos are much more likely to go viral, especially those with a twist of humor. People love to share things that make them laugh – if your business can use that pattern to spread a message or solidify their brand, using videos is an excellent way to do so.

Picture and video sharing can be incorporated into your firm’s social media channels and used on your website. Incorporate them into email and even print marketing to create synergy. A powerful tool with the potential to spread, videos and pictures are worth more than you can imagine.

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