Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content truly is "King", so start treating your content like a King! Our social media designers and writers are experts in social media content so you don't have to be. We build relevant, compelling content that connects with your customers to build your social media community.

Quality Content Marketing

Quality social media content goes viral, instantly creating a connection with your audience. There is no more effective, efficient, and powerful way to get your business in front of the masses than creating highly unique and targeted social media content. Simply, your content defines your success. It’s not about keywords but interaction, passion, interest, and grabbing the attention of your customer so they like, click, and buy from you.

Content Creation

Content Formats

Sharable Graphics

With the popularity of image and video based social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest micro content in the form of images with text overlays are becoming the norm for effectively communicating to many audiences. Whether just a fun fact or greeting these images typically get shared across social media more often that traditional text only content.

Posts & Tweets

Posts (Facebook timeline updates) and Tweets (Twitter posts) are defined as content in the form of text (not usually exceeding 80 words), which can be accompanied by a link to original or 3rd party content (e.g.: articles, videos) or images.  Text content is written in a number of different ways depending on the marketing objectives and goals. These different approaches include informative posts designed to share valuable information with readers, engagement posts designed to engage users to respond and call-to-action (CTA) posts designed to drive an action such as a click or purchase.

Short Sharing Videos

Short 15 second videos provide a powerful tool for sharing your message in a format that consumers react to. With our video shorts services we design useful, actionable videos about your products and services that get shared across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Blog Articles

Blog articles are a great way to inform your audience with valuable information that can help build trust and leadership in your brand, not to mention the strong SEO value. Blog articles are between 250 and 500 words and should include keywords that help identify your products and services clearly.


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