Social Media Advertising

Social Advertising

In this day and age its critical that your advertising reaches it’s intended audience at the the right time. Social media advertising can do that by laser targeting specific people on their preferred social media platform. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

Facebook Social Media Advertising

With Facebook advertising you can target your audience by demographic, geographic and physiographic criteria. For example: if you have a bicycle shop in Cincinnati, you could target people in Cincinnati who like cycling, have purchased cycling related products before and have an annual income of $100K and up. The targeting options are somewhat endless and as Facebook continues to enhance their advertising products even more detailed targeting is becoming available.

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Facebook Advertising
Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising Services

Twitter advertising is a great way to build your Twitter followers and build exposure for your products. Though not for everyone Twitter advertising can be used to drive a high volume of website traffic and generate buzz around your brand and products.

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LinkedIn Advertising Services

LinkedIn advertising is a great way to promote your products and services to a business audience. For example you can target people based on their industry, location and title.

LinkedIn Advertising
Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising Services

As a part of the Facebook advertising product, Instagram advertising is quickly becoming a powerful tool for reaching a younger audience compelled by images and video sharing. For those clients that have eCommerce websites Instagram advertising is a “must test” solution.


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