Should Your Business Invest Money in Social Media Advertising?

It’s common knowledge among businesses and marketers that social media is a successful marketing tool. Often times social media assists with the growth of a business and helps create exposure. A business that doesn’t utilize social media can become stagnant and miss out on opportunities to attract new customers. That being said, should a company invest money into social media advertising or are free tools enough to get noticed on […]

Social Media Presence

Social media is perhaps one of the most important parts of any advertising campaign. Knowing how to create your profile presence and have it make an impactful impression is a must. There are three elements of a great social media profile and presence that can make a difference in your overall success and knowing where to start is essential. Being a visually driven society it’s important to have great photos […]

How to create a LinkedIn profile to promote your business.

Social media has the ability to draw customers and much more. LinkedIn is just one social media site that can help you make a viable and usable social media presence for your business. LinkedIn gives potential clients a professional look for your company. Here are some basic steps to creating a LinkedIn profile that is going to amaze and draw in new customers. First you should provide as much company […]

Utilizing Digital Space in Marketing

Have you noticed lately that any available space on most websites and digital content sites are taken up by some form of marketing? Ever wonder why? Marketers are now using every bit of space that is made available to them for a very good reason, space=money. This new formula means that more and more advertisers are paying money for space that was previously not being utilized on sites. Banner ads, […]

YouTube for Advertising?

There are currently several options available in the social media space to further a companies advertising methods. With sites like Facebook dominating the social media realm, it’s easy to forget that YouTube can also be an advantageous tool when it comes to advertising. YouTube is currently the second largest and most used search engine second only to Google. That being said, there are a few different ways that companies can […]

The Ever Changing Marketing Landscape & Social Media

There are now more social media sites than ever before and many are fighting daily to keep up with the current marketing trends. It is important that any venture truly understands how social media is catering itself to the ever-changing market and how it can work now for more companies than ever before. For starters, companies like Facebook are now publicly owned which means anyone and everyone, for a price, […]

The Power of the Share Button

When it comes to using social media as an advertising tool there are many different things to consider. For starters, something as simple as the share button at the bottom of a web page. This button has a far greater power than you might imagine and can do things for those companies that choose to utilize social media in their advertising campaigns.             So what can the share button do […]

Personal Boundaries with Social Media

Social media is a tool that can be incredibly useful but can also get a company into trouble if it’s not used properly. But, there are ways to use social media to collect information without overstepping someone’s personal boundaries. It is crucial that all companies using social media know what information should be used and what information is off limits. This helps them set parameters when it comes to searching […]

Social Media – The Business Go-To

Social Media – The Business Go-To

You know how the older generation complains about the younger generation always being on their phones? Teenagers, college students, and young professionals alike are always connected to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites everywhere they go. And it’s about time that your business tapped into this technological happening. What’s the best way to do that you ask? By investing in social media for your business! There are several ways companies can […]

How to balance Social Media and your Company

How to balance Social Media and your Company

Social media is one of the most powerful and potentially inexpensive advertising methods. There are three things that every business should keep in mind when determining how much time to devote to social media and social media advertising. First, how much money does social media bring in versus how much will it take from your business. This is easy enough to determine with a quick look at your social media […]