Videos & Social Media: Why you should use them

Social media has long been a real powerhouse when it comes to marketing and it is constantly changing and adapting to our ever changing society. In a world where people are always on the go, video is the media of the future. Companies are opting to include video content in their social media campaigns which is truly exciting.

Though video is an all encompassing word, there are several varieties and types of videos being used. Educational videos are currently among the top videos being used on social media to draw in customers and create a strong customer base. Educational videos provide a unique experience allowing a company to engage with its audience.

Rather than just showing viewers a product or a concept and allowing them to make their own assumptions, educational videos teach your audience about your company. Videos market to and educate your targeted audience.

Explainer videos are also gaining popularity. Explainer videos are things like step by step explanations of how to do something or how to use a product. This eliminates the need for your viewers to read instructions and allows them to see first hand and better understand what is being done and what the product is intended to do. We are a visual society and a visual representation of what an item is going to be used for is beneficial to the consumer.

One can count on entertainment videos being present in social media circles. Buzzfeed is notorious for cranking out entertaining videos to captivate viewers for a few moments then allow them to go about their browsing session. These videos are most often short, low production cost, and are easy for viewers to watch several in a row.

Videos vary from product presentations, explanation videos, short commercials, and demonstration videos. Since they are short, they are perfect for social media as they capture the attention of your audience. Entertainment videos are wonderful for those that like short snippets that are fun and easy to watch.

In a world where most people are highly visual, videos have the power to get your point across faster, easier, and in a more entertaining fashion than any traditional advertising or media method would be able to. Videos are a great way to jazz up your social media presence and take your viewership to the next level.

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