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Social media has long been used to attract users as an alternative to reading lengthy articles, sifting through a lot of facts, and it’ a great way to get attention without requiring too much attention from your viewers. A new trend in social media marketing is emerging however.

Many advertisers are using social media to illicit real deep thought. They’re using content as a means to get their viewers to pay attention and think deeper with thought provoking content. How does this affect those that are already using social media as a simple way to engage users?

All advertisers should rethink their social media strategy from time to time. By adding extra facts, additional information, and content has the potential to increase engagement and raise a deeper thought process from your audience. Using social media as a means to get your viewers to think is a great way to unlock the possibility of getting your audience to thinking, working and increasing engagement.

How to Use Information in Social Mediasocial-media-419944_960_720

While adding deeper content to your social media campaign may seem like a fantastic idea, you have to be delicate about adding the new level to your advertising campaign. Adding too much content up front will most likely scare your current audience away.

Instead, start out small, a little bit at time. Try hosting a fact night on your social media page, add some content here and there, or perhaps allow your users to tell you what they want to see. Using something like psychology in your social media campaign to bring about the response you want is a wonderful way to use information without overwhelming your users.

Do Information Heavy Social Media Campaigns Work?

To put it plainly there are always going to be those users that will not benefit from a social media advertising campaign that is heavy on the information side. Know your audience. If your audience could benefit with additional information, add it but remember to start out slow. Don’t overwhelm them.

The real key is to determine the correct ratio of information: fun graphics, easy reading content, educational content etc. Add valuable take away content that will stick with your users so they understand what your company is about and what your trying to achieve. When all else fails, trying something new. Look at your current campaign, it may need some spicing up which could be a positive change.



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