The Power of the Share Button

When it comes to using social media as an advertising tool there are many different things to consider. For starters, something as simple as the share button at the bottom of a web page. This button has a far greater power than you might imagine and can do things for those companies that choose to utilize social media in their advertising campaigns.

social-media-icons            So what can the share button do for you? The answer is simple. The share button has the ability to help spread your content rapidly through the web without much change in the way that you market your content. The share button has a few different things that you must do however to make it truly work for you.

First your content needs to something that others want to share. Try to find things that relate directly to what you are trying to market. Take the time to see what type of content is being shared and see how you can spin it to fit your companies’ needs.

Make sure the content you are sharing is easy to share. Do not create lengthy pieces and difficult ad campaigns that have too much going on. Your followers and customers will be more likely to share content that is easy to understand and simple to read.

Ask yourself this question; will other people see value in sharing the content you produce? Your customers and those seeing your content should recognize the value in sharing your content on their social media outlets. Be sure the content your company is producing has value that is going above and beyond just existing.

Knowing what you are creating is the best way to get your content shared on social media platforms. When creating content in the future, ask your self these questions: Is this content worth sharing? Is it relevant to our customers? Is this content easy to read and understand? Try adding the social media share button to your next published content and see where it takes you!


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