Social Media as Hybrid Marketing

Technology is something that everyone interacts with daily. Some may think social media is at most, an independent advertising and marketing strategy that is best left independent. But don’t be fooled, social media has the ability and potential to partner with the marketing strategy your company already has in place.

Why is social media so useful when it comes to making paired or hybrid marketing programs? Social media lends itself well to hybridization for a few different reasons. For starters, social media is a platform that can be used with a wiChoosing-Hybrids-as-a-Solution-for-Social-Media-Marketingde range of marketing techniques. Pictures, articles, blogs, and question and answer sessions, are all highly usable on social media platforms, thus making it perfect for hybridization. Social media is a fluid marketing campaign which means that it can be altered and changed to fit the need of your company.

Social media also lends itself well to hybrid campaigns because just about everyone uses it. Older customers, younger customers, and everyone in between are aware of social media. Most people use social media on a daily basis several times a day which makes it a particularly far reaching element in any marketing campaign. So what does this mean for your hybrid campaigns? Social media can assist any tailored marketing campaign and help focus the campaign on the desired group for which it was created.

Social media has the ability to reach nearly all customer groups making it a wonderful linking factor that brings customers together even if they are from varying demographic groups. Social media links different marketing programs together creating one campaign rather than multiple campaigns that are not connected.

Social media can bring customers, programs, and various marketing campaigns together into a cohesive marketing campaign that will work for your company rather than against you. Hybrid marketing programs are the current rage.  Social media is the unifying factor bridging the gap to create a marketing campaign for your company that appeals to a greater number of people.

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